No project is too big. No formula is too complicated. Petra Lab-X has you covered for all your liquid processing needs, in any stringent regulatory environment, and can help you achieve your formulation and product development goals. 


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This is a lab where ideas lead, formulas follow & partnerships grow as businesses do. It’s not just a way of working, it’s a philosophy proven over 3 decades of experience. No project is too challenging. We help you achieve your product goals and more.

Product Formulas

Our chemists have been awarded numerous grants for our novel research, helping our clients to win awards or become top sellers in stores like Target, Sephora and Detox Market.

Lab-X Specialities:
High End Skin Care
Leave in Hair Care
Men’s Grooming
Niche Cosmetics & Beauty Oils & Serums
All Natural & Environmentally Friendly
SLS & Paraben Free
Pet Products

Packaging Solutions

After 30 years PLX has amassed a diverse network of packaging vendors both domestic and overseas. Work with our Packaging Consultants to design and source solutions that will stand out from your competitors.

State of the art autonomous production

The state of the art Lab-X HQ is a 60,000 sq.ft. facility that includes 12 kettles ranging from 100kg to 20000kg, and a cooling line that allows us to make all required liquids and some solids like pomades.

Our 7 filling lines include tube filling, pouch filling, bottle filling, hot fills, from 5ml to 5 gallons, making it convenient for you and your business to rely on our speed and efficiency for your production needs. Whether you’re just starting out or scaling up, we have the capacity to accommodate your needs.

Regulatory & Compliance Support

PLX’s Internal lab provides regulatory support for each of our customer’s projects every step of the way. PLX operates within cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines and the Company employs a diverse team of dedicated Quality Assurance and Quality Control specialists. With 30 years of experience, a robust Quality Management System, internal and external audits with multiple certifications (IS022716 cosmetic standard), our approach to manufacturing is a standard our customers trust.

Pick & Pack Warehousing & Fulfillment

After your product has been created, assembled and labeled, Petra offers a world class, warehousing and distribution network to meet any fulfillment needs. Whether you are shipping across borders, to new jurisdictions, into multinational retailers that have stringent EDI requirements, Amazon, or direct to customers homes, our 4 warehouses and their teams can solve the logistical requirements your company has.


This is a lab where ideas lead, formulas follow & partnerships grow as businesses do. It’s not just a way of working, it’s a philosophy proven over 3 decades of experience.

Step 1
Innovation & Ideation

This is where the creative process begins. We begin with an open discussion about your brand, product concept and goals. The conversation covers areas such as key ingredients, competitors, target market, packaging type, industry standards etc. From here, we create a detailed project brief that helps our lab team get started on the product, while our account manager assists you in sourcing any packaging, if needed to bring your product to market.

Step 2
R&D & Formulation

Our award winning R&D team takes the brief from our initial conversation and begins bringing it to life. In this step, the lab team will reverse engineer formulas, analyze competitor benchmarks and formulate batch samples for performance testing. This is the step in which your new product is born. We include 3 formula iterations built into the original scope of work to allow for the revisions that will create the best product possible.

Step 3
Lab Services & Testing

Once the formula has been approved, it enters the testing phase. Our in-house lab technicians put your product through a robust lab services and testing protocol to ensure it will meet the necessary requirements of the market and industry standards. Cosmetic stability is built into your original package quote, and we offer a range of other testing standards such as OTC product stability, preservative challenge test, HRIPT, 48HR Patch Test & More.

Step 4
Autonomous Production & Packaging

Once stability testing is done, we begin filling your product into the packaging of your choice in our 60,000 sq ft autonomous production facility: 12 kettles (ranging from 100kg to 20,000kg), 10 filling lines (including tube, pouch, bottle, jar filling) and a cooling line for all liquid and semi solid products. Throughout the process you will be kept informed as to when your production run is scheduled, so you can meet your product roll-out schedule.

Step 5
Distribution & Fulfillment

Upon completion of the production run, we will pack your product into case packs and palletize them to arrange for easy shipment and delivery to the location of your choosing. Alternatively, Lab-X offers 3PL services where we can assist with the warehousing and fulfillment of pick and pack orders from coast to coast, utilizing our network of 4 world-class warehouses and preferential courier shipping rates. From concept to consumer, seamlessly.



Embark on a journey with Petra Lab-X, a distinguished expert with over 30 years of unrivalled expertise in crafting exceptional personal care products. Whether it's pioneering as hair care manufacturers or pushing the boundaries of what personal care product manufacturing companies can achieve, Petra Lab-X stands as a beacon of innovation. Our legacy extends across various realms of personal care, emphasizing precision and excellence in every product. PLX will surround your concept with an in depth scientific expertise and a breadth of powerful tools. All working as hard as you do.

PLX will surround your concept with in depth scientific expertise and a breadth of powerful tools, all working as hard as you do.

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