A Letter to Influencers: Take your Money Back

Dear Influencers,This letter is on behalf of private-labeling companies everywhere and is one of great encouragement. We commend you and your ability to create a following, to get people to want to hear from you is every marketers dream as well as every companies mission, well done! Some of you have even been able to monetize your following by collaborating with companies who offer products and/or services that are relevant to your audience, again well fucking done. BUT, you’re leaving money on the table. You’re missing out on some big daddy bucks and leaving them with the companies who are leveraging your audience to fatten their pockets instead of yours. Yes, they seem happy to pay you (minimal) money for your services, because it represents such a small percentage of the money that you are making them. The rest of this article is about how to take that money back (through private labelling) and details why you need to cut the middle man out.

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